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Still adding games.

I've got someone working on Sony games now, so I'll be adding them as they come in. For now, why not look at the cool Metal Gear Solid page.

It mightn't look like it yet, but I have been doing stuff with the site. All of the links should be working now, and all the pages should be uniform, instead of higgledy-piggledy.

I've started doing stuff with the site again. I'm trying to get a few people to help me with each of the sections... I don't expect it will be too difficult. I've also had to get a new email address because the people hosting my page want money for it now and won't let me use my email address... it seems that huge advert at the bottom of the page isn't enough. The new address is You people out there can help me too! Have a look around in the games sections at your favourite games, if you see any mistakes or incomplete parts and you know the correct information, then email me with it. Also have a look at the submission pages and send information about games, or new games to add to it.

I've changed the layout of the Nintendo games section. There were too many games being added to the list, so I've seperated them, so they are sorted by console.

If you have any problems with anything on the site, eg: a picture you'd like to see, something takes too long to load, etc, then mail me and I'll do my best to fix it.

I've updated the Console Comparisons Article, and added some amazing features of the MS X-Box.
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